Admin Panel Features For Your Restaurant Website

CaterNote provides you with your custom admin panel which gives you access to many features to easily manage the website of your restaurant.

Restaurant Menu For Online Ordering

With a secured login to your admin panel you can easily add food categories and then add food items within them. You have the ability to add their descriptions, prices and images.

Food Items Portion/Size Options

Once you add food items you can add its variations like a portion, half or full etc. For example you are selling pizza online you can allow your customers to choose the size of the pizza, you can add different sizes and different price for each size.

Order Management

Within the admin panel you see your latest orders within your dashboard and you can view all orders within the orders section. You can mark the order as complete once delivered as well sort order by its status. You can also view orders within a specific time range and export a excel sheet with list of all the orders within that time range.

Website Analytics

CaterNote provides you with analytics of your website within your admin panel. The analytics information is taken from Google Website Analytics tools which are accurate and give you the correct information of what website visitors are doing on the website.

Event Management

Add new events within your website with all its details and pictures. Proudly share the link of your events on social media and allow your customers to engage with you. Easily add event and share on social media and it will help in keeping your restaurant lively online.


Keep your website visitors updated with what's new in the industry, in your restaurant and may be you added a new dish to your menu, speak it out loud from your blog. Easily add blog posts from the admin panel of your website.

Sell Event Tickets

Now you don't have to worry about organizing an event and then wondering which platform is best for selling tickets. You can sell tickets online easily from your own website and even add different prices for Adults and Kids.

Users & Role Management

Add users within your admin panel and control what access they have. You might want them to just view orders and not see any other options which you can easily control from the admin section. You have full control and you can delete any user you add anytime from anywhere.

SEO Management

You can control how search engines view your website. For every page, event or blog you add you can enter page title, page meta description and page meta keywords easily from the admin panel.

Gallery Management

Add galleries of the events organized within your restaurant easily from the admin panel.

Testimonials Management

Let the world know what your customers are talking about you from your testimonials section which is manageable from the admin panel of the website.

Website Pages Management

Add/Edit/Delete pages and content from the pages of your website from the admin panel and just hit the save button and the same can be previewed the live website by website visitors.

Customer Listing

Anyone who orders online is added to the customer database. The list of all the customers who have ordered online is available within the admin panel of the website.

Newsletter Sign up Listing

The website would have integrated newsletter sign up database which gives you the list of all the website visitors who have ever signed up and you can easily export that list in an excel sheet and send emails. The list of users who subscribed is available within the admin panel of the website.