Booking Management Features


The calendar feature of CaterNote is very interactive. It allows you to view all the events of that particular month and you can even change the view type to week view or a particular day view. On the top of the calendar page you see some different colors specifying the kind of event they represent. You can sort the events within the calendar by its status and on the right side you have the ability to sort the event as per the location.

You can see the event name within the color of status and if you hover your mouse on that event you can view its details and if you click on it will take you to the specified event details with the option to make any kind of changes you want.

There is a lot more you can do with the key to note calendar which can help you simplify your catering business.


With CaterNote you can add a booking manually or it can be added directly from your website. Once the booking is added you can assign it to an Event Manager (added by you in your team) and track its status and even get notifications. A Powerful Notes section which needs to be updated by your Event Manager for every communication made with the customer. Your end customers can confirm the order with your terms and even pay advance online.

The booking section is filled with various other features which you are further explained.

Send Proposal

You can now send proposals for your catering services to all your customers from one single point which is your secure CaterNote booking section. Simply add a new booking and choose what all options you want to offer to your customers, choose which items are taxable and which items are non taxable and with a click of a button the proposal goes into your customers inbox and then customer can view the proposal with a secure password within the email.

Get Paid Online

CaterNote is currently offering Stripe Integration which means your secure payment gateway is Stripe and you receive the money directly into your stripe account and you can further withdraw it to your bank account. You just need to add your stripe keys in your profile and post that while sending proposal you can add milestones for payment and then customer while viewing the proposal can confirm it online and make the payment.

Task Management

With the new release of CaterNote we have added task management. Users assigned within the same Event can assign tasks to each other. The admin can assign new events to event managers and chef's and they can further assign task to each other and you as an admin can also assign tasks to them.

When a task is completed the user to whom the task was assigned can mark it as complete. You directly access any tasks assigned to you within the dashboard and send reminders for the tasks you assigned to someone else.

Team Messaging

A very exciting and much needed feature for any catering business to function smoothly. You just need to type your team members name to whom you are writing the message to followed by @your message and then press enter. Your message would be visible to everyone working within that event which helps in transparent internal communication.

Team Management

At CaterNote we understand the importance of a team and we have thought of every single aspect of features you need to manage your team. You would have the admin controls and you can your team members as event managers and chefs. You would be able to add them easily and assign them to any New Bookings or Existing Bookings with the ability to edit or delete their profiles. Event Managers would be able to see details of the bookings assigned to them and Chefs would also see get confirmation of the menu for events assigned to them. CaterNote is your cloud based cater web app which keeps you all in the loop as required.

Customer Management

Customers are the most important unit for any business. Being a business owner it is very important we have a track of every customer and what is the kind of experience they have with our services. With CaterNote you can do this very easily. You have your customer database which is only accessible to you. You can track how many inquiries have been made by this customer, how many got confirmed, how many are in stage of proposal and how many got cancelled. You can access who were the event manager assigned to all different events and request customer feedback manually as per your convenience.

Catering Menu

The key of your catering business is the food menu and we know how important it is for you to have this done right. With CaterNote you can easily design your menu online which is hassle free. To make is super easy for you we have made section which are categories, sub categories and then the item. Now if you want to add soup, you add a category called soup, then you can add sub category veg/nov-veg etc and then add an item like Thick Veg Corn Soup. You even have the ability to add then picture of every food item. You just need to add your food items once and we can even help you in adding them and our other tools will make your life easier with sending proposals and menu confirmation.

Location Management

Within your restaurant or hotel you might have different party locations within the same venue. One might be a party hall and one might be a roof top. We have options to add multiple locations and sub locations which allow you to track on which date which spot of a specific location is available and which location is not is already booked.

Packages Designing

CaterNote understands the catering business and that is the reason we have designed a special tool which is PACKAGES DESIGNING. Why & How? You have added all the items to your menu and you want to show specific items to specific clients as per their budget?

You can now build different packages for your customers, choose which package to show to them and then within those packages which all menu items customers can view and how many then can choose. Like you want them to see 12 Appetizers but then can choose only 8, you can easily do this with packages.

Once you design your packages you can send a proposal to a new customers within a minute.

There are some seasonal food items which you don’t want to show? You can manage this by adding a season based package.

Give the power to your customers to choose from various packages as you can send multiple packages in every proposal you send.

Additional Items/Services

There are many things which can be added by customer request which they want to be included in the proposal. You can simply add these items through the additional items module. CaterNote allows you to add additional items, add any additional cost involved and add any taxes as well. You can even send list of additional items within the proposal with its cost and then customer would be able to choose what all additional items they want and confirm the order.

Report System

Within all the features you have the ability to track but we have also designed a Reports section which gives more power to manage your business efficiently. Now you want to check who did the most Sales in January you just need to select the date range and you will get the report. It is as easy as checking your bank statement. The Reports Section is further divided into 4 parts which allows you to easily track the specific data you need. The 4 Section are Sales, Events, Team and Customers.

Lead Embed Website Form

CaterNote provides you with a code which can be easily embedded within your website. Once this is added to your website any new lead generated through the website directly comes into your bookings and you can further contact client to understand more requirements for the event or send them proposals.

Beautiful restaurant website with online ordering system and full admin control to drive revenue and customers.

Restaurant Website + Online Ordering System + Admin Panel


Frequently asked questions

We have tried to answer all general questions but in case you did not find your answer, please contact us and an expert from our team would assist you.

  • How do CaterNote subscriptions work?
    CaterNote subscriptions have been designed to work as per your needs. For the booking management system you can cancel anytime but for restaurant websites subscription and online ordering system within your website have a one year contract.
  • What types of features are included in a subscription?
    A subscription includes all features mentioned in its plan details. Click here to view all the plans.
  • What happens to features I don’t use?
    We have given you access to all the features in your desired and would also be giving you tutorial post sign up. The features you don’t use stand still and you can start using them whenever you want. Anytime you need help to learn how to use a certain feature, we would help you in the best possible way.
  • Can I delete team members I added?

    The answer is yes. With CaterNote you can build your team and if anyone is leaving or you don’t want them to access, you can delete them or even deactivate their accounts.

    In the deactivated state you can activate them in future if you want. All data related to them stays and you can use that whenever you want.

  • My Subscription expired what should i do?

    If your subscription has expired you just need to login, go to my profile section, choose my membership and enter valid credit card details. Within 24 hours your account would be activated. It takes 24 hours as we have to re-validate payment gateways for your payment processing.

  • Got a free promo code for the trial?
    In order to give benefits to more catering companies we might come up with promotions for free trial. When you click on sign up you would be able to choose the subscription and before confirm please apply the promo code. After successful application of the promo code you would not be charged for the first month and use all the benefits of CaterNote. By default the subscription is set to be auto renewed and you would be charged before the start of the second month/year based on your subscription selected by you during sign up.
  • Is the subscription based per user or per company?
    Good question! Many companies charge on monthly basis per user for similar services in different domains but with CaterNote we want you to experience the difference. You can add as many members you want to your booking management system within the same amount of monthly fee.
    Super easy interface, affordable prices and all the features you need. Not only this, if a new feature is added in future you get access to that new feature as well.
  • I have more than 10 catering outlets, do you offer discounts?
    If you are looking forward for bulk discounts, we can surely offer you a great deal. You may call us, email us or click here and fill our contact form, one of your experts would get back to you at the earliest.