How do Cater Note subscriptions work?

Cater Note subscriptions have been designed to work as per your needs. We really think all features are necessary for robust performance and they are included in each plan. We give you saving as per the plan you choose.

What types of features are included in a subscription?

A subscription includes all features published by Cater Note. We have given 3 payment plans monthly, quarterly or annually. Quarter and Annual subscription plans provide you savings.

What happens to features I don’t use?

We have given you access to all the features and would also be giving you tutorial post sign up. The features you don’t use stand still and you can start using them whenever you want. Anytime you need help to learn how to use a certain feature, we would help you in the best possible way.

Can I delete team members I added?

The answer is yes. With Cater Note you can build your team and if anyone is leaving or you don’t want them to access, you can delete them or even deactivate their accounts. In the deactivated state you can activate them in future if you want. All data related to them stays and you can use that whenever you want.

My Subscription expired what should i do?

If your subscription has expired you just need to login, go to my profile section, choose my membership and enter valid credit card details. Within 24 hours your account would be activated. It takes 24 hours as we have to re-validate payment gateways for your payment processing.

Got a free promo code for the trial?

In order to give benefits to more catering companies we might come up with promotions for free trial. When you click on sign up you would be able to choose the subscription and before confirm please apply the promo code. After successful application of the promo code you would not be charged for the first month and use all the benefits of Cater Note. By default the subscription is set to be auto renewed and you would be charged before the start of the second month based on your subscription selected by you during sign up.

Is the subscription based per user or per company?

Good question! Many companies charge on monthly basis per user for similar services in deferent domains but with Cater Note we want you to experience the difference. Super easy interface, affordable prices and all the features you need. Not only this, if a new feature is added in future you get access to that new feature as well.

I have more than 10 catering outlets, do you offer discounts?

If you are looking forward for bulk discounts, we can surely offer you a great deal. You may call us, email us or click here and fill our contact form, one of your experts would get back to you at the earliest.